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Sasan Gir, or Gir, is the last bastion of the endangered Asiatic Lion. Outside of Africa, it is the only place on Earth with wild lions. To truly experience Gir and the lions, you must explore their natural habitat, taking in everything from the tiny wild birds to the crocodiles floating in the marshes. Sasan Gir National Park covers 1,412 sq km of deciduous forest, which is interspersed with semi-evergreen and evergreen flora, grasslands and hills. The sanctuary is fed by water bodies such as the Kamleshwar Dam, as well as perennial and seasonal rivers and streams, which makes it ideal for crocodiles and birds.

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    45 degrees Celsius in Summer; below 10 degrees Celsius in Winter

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  • Population

    523 lions (2015)

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Shopping in India

Since Sasan Gir is a wildlife reserve, shopping options are limited to stalls at the entry and exit gates. You can buy souvenirs and locally made handicrafts such as embroidery, thread and mirror-work textiles, wall hangings, etc. Products such as Patola sarees and bandhni textiles can also be found, but may be better sourced outside the reserve.


Being a national park, nightlife is limited to the entertainment options provided by the hotel you stay at.


"Dang Darbar is a tribal festival celebrated a few days before Holi. It honours the tradition of rulers and village heads who gathered for durbars during the British Raj. Former Rajas and Naiks are accorded their due and honoured with folk dances and musical performances.

The Chitra Vichitra fair is held two weeks after the Dang Darbar festival, on the eve of the new moon. Women gather at the river and mourn for their dead through the night and the fair begins the next morning. Come here for the explosion of colours and sounds, and the vibrant atmosphere that is alive with the beating of drums, folk songs and dances."


"There are several places to visit near Gir, such as Junagad town, Jetpur, Girnar and Diu island.

Jetpur lies about 100kms from Gir, and is a great option for a one-day excursion. Known for block and screen-printing, you can buy block-printed garments as well as the wooden blocks themselves. You can also visit one of the centres and watch the block and screen printing happen live.

Girnar, on the outskirts of Junagadh, rises to a height of 3,660 ft and is the highest point in Gujarat. Visit here for ancient Jain temples that are known for their exquisite carvings.

Diu Island: About 65kms from Gir National Park, Diu island is a hotspot for tourists from within Gujarat as well as the neighbouring areas. This small island is known for its lovely beaches, churches, forts, and even an airport. One of the only places in Gujarat where you can find liquor, Diu also has a vibrant nightlife."

Things to Carry

  • Dress in jungle colours to maximise your chances to spot wild animals
  • Accessorise such as hats, sunglasses and scarves will come in handy on safaris
  • Carry binoculars for bird-watching; a torch, multi-tool knife, and matches for outdoor adventures
  • Pack extra storage disks, chargers for cameras & phones to capture perfect memories
  • Carry lots of water, and ensure you take all your trash back with you
  • Stay safe and healthy by carrying your prescribed medicines for the duration of the tour"

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