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Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago. It gets its name from the classical words 'Indus', and 'nesos', meaning ""island"". The breath-taking beaches of the predominantly Hindu Bali, the rich historic culture of big-city Jakarta and the tranquillity of Bintan are just some of the highlights of a holiday in Indonesia.
Home to the unique Komodo island, populated with the gigantic Komodo dragons, and tropical jungles where the endangered and adorable orang-utans live, a nature holiday in Indonesia is an entirely unique experience.

  • Best Time to Travel

    Between May and September

  • Curent Weather

    Mostly Cloudy- 31 Degree C

  • Area Code


  • Population

    257.6 million

Things To Do

  • Shopping
  • Nightlife
  • Festivals
  • Places

Shopping in Indonesia

Bali: Bali is famous for gorgeous metal work, chiselled chairs, tribal rugs, canvas art, antique urns and statement pieces, as well as quirky pieces like phallic bottle-openers and faux watches.
Seminyak: Shop for designer wear from some of the most sought-after designers from Australia, France and Brazil.
Celuk: Have a love for silver and gold? Celuk is the place to go to! While the main road offers flashy showrooms, with marked up prices, homes in the interiors have worksmiths who will make custom pieces for far less.
Mas Village: Well-known for its wood carvings, you can find idols for worship, as well as portrayals of everyday Balinese social life--farmers, fisherfolk, workers, etc.
Jakarta: The capital has world-class malls, showcasing international brands. Downtown Jakarta sells batik, silk and unique handicrafted items, as do the local markets which sell interesting finds.


Beach Clubs: Famous for clubs that overlook the Indian Ocean, with Ibiza-inspired styles or simple beach shacks are popular. Ku De Ta, Potato Head, Mozaic and Cocoon are some of Bali's finest.
Nightclubs: The club scene in Bali is world-renowned. Nightclubs and bars open after mignight and stay open till the wee hours of the morning.
Theatre Shows: Theatre and cultural shows like Devdan, a choreographed tour of the Indonesian Archipelago, or the Kecak fire dance at the breathtaking cliff-top sunset amphitheatre beside Uluwatu Temple.


Bali Arts Festival (June-July): Daily performances, art exhibitions, dances, food and other cultural offerings mark the extraordinary Bali Arts Festival.
Independence Day (17th August): The biggest national festival in Indonesia, a grand parade is organised before the President, in Jakarta.
Waisak (May/June): In commemoration of the birth, enlightenment and death of the Gautama Buddha, Indonesian Buddhists observe this day during a full moon. Thousands of monks and pilgrims congregate at three Buddhist temples and walk from Mendut to Pawon, ending at Borobudur.
Ramadan (9th month of the Muslim calendar): With 86% of Indonesia's population practising Islam, Ramadan is celebrated widely.


Bali: Marvel at the terraced rice paddies, dotted with Hindu temples and shrines.
Celuk: Visit Celuk village where talented gold and silversmiths showcase their craftsmanship.
Mas: Visit Mas Village for wood sculptures, and the Ubud local art market.
Kintamani: Take in Kintamani Volcano and the magnificent views of the 13sqm Batur caldera lake.
Tanjung Benoa: At Tanjung Benoa beach, enjoy water sports activities, then proceed to visit Tanah Lot temple which stands proudly above the ocean on its rocky platform and where you will see Bali's most beautiful sunset.
National Parks: Visit a national park for a chance to see the endangered orang-utan.
Komodo Island: Visit the unique Komodo Island and see the gigantic lizards, unique to this part of the world.

Things to Carry

Weather-appropriate clothes, and comfortable apparel for the beach, parties and night wear. Make sure to ask if there is a dress-code for religious places, so you can pack accordingly.
Prescription medicines, sunscreen, cosmetics, sunglasses and hats.
Footwear for walking, for the beach and for night-outs.
Don't forget your camera and phone with all its accessories, especially the charger.
Money or a plastic equivalent

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