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Full of beautiful sights and bustling sounds, Amritsar will leave you craving for a return much before you've turned back. Home of the gorgeous Golden Temple, this holy city sees millions of tourists every year. While time slows down at this majestic temple, it picks up pace amidst the city's winding paths and alleys. Here, you discover the true flavour of Punjab. So wind up your gang of girls and discover the various shades of Amritsar with our holiday packages.

  • Best Time to Travel

    Winter (Oct-Nov)

  • Curent Weather

    Light Drizzle - 30 degree

  • Area Code


  • Population

    1.133 million

Things To Do

  • Shopping
  • Festivals
  • Places

Shopping in Amritsar

If you love shopping, you will love Amritsar. Full of colourful handicrafts and souvenirs, this city's markets are every shopoholics dream. Here, you can shop for phulkari dupattas, Amritsari jootis, kirpans and souvenirs from the Golden Temple.


Baisakhi (April):
Amritsar's most important festival, Baisakhi is celebrated with much enthusiasm among the Sikh community. Numerous fairs are hosted, loud music is played and people break into Bhangra in the middle of the streets. Trust us, it's the best time to be in Amritsar.

Basant Panchmani (January):
Basant Panchmani is a very popular festival in the city of Amritsar. The prime attraction of this festival is the fair held at Chheharta Sahid Gurudwara. Here, colourful kites decorate the sky and grand langars are held.

Lohri (January)
Celebrated in various parts of North India, the festival of Lohri has special importance in Amritsar. On this day traditional dances and songs are performed, sweets are distributed and sarson da saag and maaki di roti is relished.


"Golden Temple:
Beautiful, exquisite and enchanting, the Golden Temple is the heart and soul of Sikhs around the world. This magnificent temple is famous for its golden body, mystic pond and delicious langar.

A kilometer away from the Golden Temple lies the Jalianwala Bagh, where travellers pay homage to the lives lost in the Jalianwala Bagh massacre. The incident took place on 13th April, 1919 and was conducted by the British Army.

Wagah Border
A tourist favourite, the Wagah Border is the only road border crossing between India and Pakistan. But that's not what makes it special. Every afternoon, hundreds of citizens on either side of the border gather here for the change of Guard ceremony that displays the intense patriotic feel of the armies for their respective states."

Things to Carry

  • Carry a scarf to cover your head and refrain from wearing shorts, capris and sleeveless tops and kurtas
  •  Don't forget your medicines with prescriptions
  •  Your footwear should be comfortable. Carry a pair for walking shoes without fail
  •  Don't forget your camera and phone with all its accessories, especially the charger"

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